Keeping Lucy by T Greenwood (Paperback)

Keeping Lucy by T Greenwood (Paperback)



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The heartbreaking and uplifting story, inspired by incredible true events, of how far one mother must go to protect her daughter 

Dover, Massachusetts, 1969. When Ginny Richardson’s daughter, Lucy, is born with Down syndrome and taken away, her heart breaks. Bowing to pressure from his powerful family, her husband, Ab, has sent Lucy away to Willowridge, a “special” school. Though devastated, Ab convinces Ginny it’s for the best. The best for them. The best for their daughter. 

But two years later, when Ginny’s best friend, Marsha, shows her a series of articles exposing Willowridge as a hell-on-earth–its squalid hallways filled with neglected children–she knows she can’t leave her daughter there. With Ginny’s six-year-old son in tow, Ginny and Marsha drive to the school to see Lucy for themselves. What they find sets their course on a heart-racing journey across state lines–turning Ginny into a fugitive. 

For the first time, Ginny must test her own strength and face the world head-on as she fights Ab and his domineering father for the right to keep Lucy. Racing from Massachusetts to the beaches of Atlantic City, through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to a roadside mermaid show in Florida, T. Greenwood’s Keeping Lucy is a searing portrait of just how far a mother’s love can take her. 

A heartfelt tale of true friendship, a mother’s unstoppable love, and the immeasurable fortitude of women. – Booklist


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